Global Salary Calculator®
Global Salary Calculator
  • Online salary database for compensation management worldwide

  • Salary estimates for 100,000+ position titles

  • Benchmark salary comparisons for 69 countries

  • Direct online access to salary data from a source you can trust

The Global Salary Calculator is an online application that provides access to competitive salary ranges for positions globally. Streamline your salary planning process by using a single international salary calculator. The Global Salary Calculator provides salary data for over 100,000 job titles in 8,000+ cities worldwide.


  • Salary reports include base salaries and ranges

  • Review position descriptions

  • Data presented in the local currency of the location chosen

  • View graph illustrations of wage and salary ranges

  • Export salary reports to PDF directly from the online application

  • Assess pay equity and competitiveness for positions worldwide

  • Access to salary data anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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