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The summary data provided is a sampling of ERI's Salary Assessor® database. ERI's Salary Assessor® & Survey desktop software and database reports up-to-date competitive base salary, wage, incentive, and total compensation means, medians and ranges for 5,400 non-management job titles, 8,200 US and Canada geographic locations, and 1,350 industry sectors; an added 500 executive jobs' salary, bonuses and total pay remuneration may complement. This is employer provided and verified data. To download the Salary Assessor Demo, click here.

Job Description: Researches a variety of areas, such as new or existing products, science, social science, law, or medicine. Analyzes verbal or statistical data to prepare reports and studies for use by professional workers. Develop plans for project or studies guidelines for project prepared by professional staff member to outline research and/or development procedures to be followed. Plans schedule according to variety of methods to be used, availability and quantity of resources, and number of subordinate personnel assigned to participate in project. : Searches sources, such as reference works, literature, documents, newspapers, statistical records, and other sources of information, to collect, record, analyze, and evaluate facts. Analyzes and evaluates applicability of collected data. Discusses findings with other personnel to evaluate validity of findings. Prepares reports and/or designs and specifications of completed projects. Prepares statistical tabulations. Writes reports or presents data in formats, such as abstracts, bibliographies, graphs, or maps. May prepare for publication in technical journals, for presentation to organization requesting project, or for use in further applied or theoretical research activities. May interview individuals to obtain data or draft correspondence to answer inquiries. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 07/04/2015

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