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The summary data provided is a sampling of ERI's Salary Assessor® database. ERI's Salary Assessor® & Survey desktop software and database reports up-to-date competitive base salary, wage, incentive, and total compensation means, medians and ranges for 5,400 non-management job titles, 8,200 US and Canada geographic locations, and 1,350 industry sectors; an added 500 executive jobs' salary, bonuses and total pay remuneration may complement. This is employer provided and verified data. To download the Salary Assessor Demo, click here.

Job Description: Directs and reviews activities of employees engaged in analysis, coding, testing, documentation, and preparation of programs to process data and solve problems by use of computers. Assigns and schedules work, or delegates work to subordinate managers and supervisors, and reviews work. Recommends insights that contribute to overall company strategic management.: Plans, develops, and establishes policies and objectives of programming function in accordance with objectives of organization. Confers with IT management and organization officials to plan business objectives, to develop organizational policies, and to coordinate functions. Develops and implements methods and procedures for monitoring work activities, such as preparation of records of expenditures, progress reports, etc., in order to inform upper management of current status or work activities. Establishes work standards. Interprets policies, purposes, and goals of organization to subordinates. Analyzes department workflow and workers' job duties to recommend department realignment within company. Participates in decisions concerning staffing and promotions within data processing department. Directs training of subordinates. May assist staff to solve computer programming problems. May participate in technical projects, such as developing computer programs for specified applications. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 07/04/2015

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