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The summary data provided is a sampling of ERI's Salary Assessor® database. ERI's Salary Assessor® & Survey desktop software and database reports up-to-date competitive base salary, wage, incentive, and total compensation means, medians and ranges for 5,400 non-management job titles, 8,200 US and Canada geographic locations, and 1,350 industry sectors; an added 500 executive jobs' salary, bonuses and total pay remuneration may complement. This is employer provided and verified data. To download the Salary Assessor Demo, click here.

Job Description: Maintains record of company owned or leased equipment, buildings, and other property. Documents description, value, location, and other pertinent information of all equipment, buildings, and other property. Administ or conducts periodic inventories to keep records current and ensure that equipment is properly maintained. Studies records to determine that acquisition, sale, retirement, and other entries have been made. Excludes paraprofessionals positions.: Disseminates cost of maintenance to proper accounts. Prepares statements reflecting monthly appreciated and depreciated values. Summarizes statements on annual basis for income tax purposes. Prepares schedules for amortization of buildings and equipment. Develops and recommends property accounting methods to provide effective controls. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 05/25/2015

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