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Job Description: Prepares and operates numerical-control drilling machine. Reads setup instructions and specifications. Loads control media containing programmed commands into control console of machine, or enters> commands to retrieve programmed control data.: Attaches depth collars to drill bits and measures bit depth, using depth gauge, to verify specified drill bit cutting depth. Measures drill bit sizes, using micrometer, and installs specified drill bits in tool magazine of machine. Positions and secures to indexing table of machine. Enters commands to activate machine that automatically aligns indexing table and object under spindle, selects drill bit, and drills holes of specified dimension, location, and sequence. Monitors machine operation and display readouts to detect malfunctions. Compares display data to specifications and notifies supervisor of machine malfunctions. Inspects and measures to verify conformance to specifications. Performs machine adjustments and maintenance, such as setting speed and feed rates, cleaning machine parts, and replacing worn or damaged drill bits, using hand tools. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 05/24/2015

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