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Job Description: Assembles and fastens together parts to form subassemblies or complete musical instruments, such as drums, keyed brass, woodwind, or stringed instruments according to specified instructions or diagrams.: Drillsy>, taps, or reams holes to prepare parts for assembly, using drill press or bench-mounted drill. Bends tubing and laps parts by hand to form or join parts. Applies abrasive solvents to sliding joints to cause parts to move freely. Fits or faces parts, using hand file or bench grinder to trim parts to fit. Aligns metal brass-wind parts, such as valves, knobs, keys, and bars by sight, by placing them in jigs and clamping them on instrument, or by positioning parts, using rulers or gauges. Screws, clips, solders, and glues parts, such as drum hardware, corks, violin necks, wooden bridges, and metal snares, using hand tools, portable powered tools, or hand torches. Removes excess solder, using scraping tool. Winds and bends spring wire around valve keys by hand to install valves on brass-wind instruments. Inserts steel bars and squeezes or separates bars to adjust tube spacing on brass-wind instruments. Cleans inside of tubes of brass-wind instruments with swab and cleaning solvent. Installs electric pick-ups in electrically amplified instruments, using screwdriver and soldering gun. May polish or buff exterior of instruments, using rotating buffing wheel. May cut tubing, using power saw. May inspect instruments for defects and reject instruments not meeting specifications. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 05/26/2015

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