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Job Description: Repairs and alters firearms to meet blueprint and customer specifications, using hand tools and machines, such as grinders, planers, and millers. Fits action and barrel into stock and aligns parts. Inst parts, such as metallic or optical sights, pistol grips, recoil pads, and decorative pieces of firearms, using screws and hand tools. Rebores barrels on boring machine to enlarge caliber of bore.: Operates broaching machine to cut rifling in barrel of small arms. Installs choke device on shotguns to control shot pattern. Operates machine to grind and polish metal parts. Immerses metal parts in bluing salt bath to impart rust resistant surface and blue color to metal. Fires firearms with proof loads to determine strength characteristics, correct alignment, and assembly of piece. Fabricates wooden stock for guns according to customer specifications. Refinishes wooden stocks for rifles and shotguns by hand sanding and rubbing with special finishing oil and quick-drying lacquer. May lay out plans on paper and calculate bullet-flight arcs, sight positions, and other details to design new guns. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 05/23/2015

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