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Global Salary and Cost of Living Data

Access data trusted by the majority of the Fortune 500.

For Job Seekers

Make informed decisions when planning a career and searching for jobs.

Cost of Living

Discover the salary you
need in a new location

Career Salary Potential

Find the career path
that gives you the best return

Jobs by Salary

Find jobs that pay the
right salary

Job Search

Find the job you want
from leading job boards

For Employers

Get access to salary survey data trusted by professionals

Identify mean and median market rates for individual positions and the range of pay found in the market place.

Compare the cost of living in two different locations for specific employee profiles. Use ERI data for cost of living adjustments or for relocating employees.

Create compensation plans specific to each employee. Easily identify market rates, control pay increases, and plan for incentive awards.

Quickly create lists of job-specific compensation data to support your benchmarking needs.

About Salary Expert

A project of ERI Economic Research Institute

What is Salary Expert?

SalaryExpert was launched in 2000 and draws on ERI’s expertise in salary and cost of living data to provide the public with excellent tools for evaluating career, relocation, and education decisions. For over 25 years, ERI has provided compensation analytics to the majority of the Fortune 500 as well as thousands of other public and private organizations.

Our Goal

To be the one-stop compensation research and analytics source for job seekers and HR professionals worldwide.

About Salary Expert
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