Salary Survey Data - Jobs starting with L

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Jobs starting with L

Lab Analyst
Lab Assistant
Lab Associate
Lab Coordinator
Lab Supervisor
Lab Tech Metallurgical
Lab Technician
Lab Technician Calibration
Lab Technician Emergency
Lab Tester
Lab Worker
Label Fuser Tender
Label Operator
Label Sewer Hand
Label Stitcher
Labeler Machine
Labor & Delivery Nurse
Labor Affairs Manager
Labor Crew Supervisor
Labor Custodian
Labor Delivery Nurse
Labor Law Legal Assistant
Labor Lawyer
Labor Mediator
Labor Organization Agent
Labor Policy Analyst
Labor Relations Clerk
Labor Relations Consultant
Labor Relations Manager
Labor Relations Specialist
Labor Relations Top Officer
Labor Relations Worker
Labor Service Representative
Labor Standards Director
Labor Trainer
Labor Utilization Superintendent
Laboratory Aide
Laboratory Analyst
Laboratory Animal Supervisor
Laboratory Animal Technician
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Assistant Blood & Plasma
Laboratory Assistant Technician
Laboratory Associate (Lab Associate)
Laboratory Bench Worker
Laboratory Chemist
Laboratory Development Technician
Laboratory Equipment Installer
Laboratory Helper
Laboratory Information Systems Coordinator
Laboratory Manager (Lab Manager)
Laboratory Medicine Director
Laboratory Services Director
Laboratory Specialist
Laboratory Supervisor
Laboratory Supervisor University
Laboratory Technician (Mentor)
Laboratory Technician Automotive
Laboratory Technician Optical
Laboratory Technician Pharmaceutical
Laboratory Technician Pharmaceuticals
Laboratory Tester Chemical Processing
Laboratory Veterinarian
Laborer & Freight Stock Material Moving
Laborer & Material Mover
Laborer & Material Mover Hand Helper
Laborer Bituminous Paving
Laborer Building Maintenance
Laborer Candle Worker
Laborer Chemical Plant
Laborer Circus
Laborer Concrete Paving
Laborer Construction
Laborer Construction Buildings
Laborer Dairy Farm
Laborer Dock or Pier
Laborer Foreman
Laborer Game Farm
Laborer Golf Course
Laborer Helper
Laborer Landscaping & Groundskeeping
Laborer Livestock
Laborer Machine Shop
Laborer Maintenance
Laborer Manufacturing
Laborer Mine
Laborer Oil Field
Laborer Orchard
Laborer Production
Laborer Sawmill
Laborer Shipyard
Laborer Slaughter
Laborer Stores
Laborer Track Repair
Laborer Tube Well
Laborer Vegetable Farm
Laborer Vineyard
Labourer Bindery
Labourer Construction
Labourer Production
Lacquer Coater
Lacquer Press Adjuster
Lacrosse Coach
Lacrosse Stick Bender Woodworking
Lacrosse Stick Lacer
Ladies Locker Room Attendant
Ladle Liner
Lamination Assembler
Lamination Stacker Hand
Laminator Boat Assembly
Laminator Hand
Laminator Preforms
LAN (Local Area Network) Manager
LAN Local Area Network Manager
LAN Specialist
LAN Specialist (Local Area Network Specialist)
LAN/WAN Administration Manager
LAN/WAN Administration Supervisor
LAN/WAN Analyst
Land Acquisition Specialist
Land Agent
Land Appraiser
Land Department Head
Land Leases & Rentals Manager
Land Leasing Examiner
Land Planner
Land Survey Technologist
Land Surveying Survey Worker
Land Surveyor
Land Titles Clerk
Land Use Technician
Landfill Equipment Operator
Landfill Gas Generation System Technician
Landscape & Yardwork Laborer
Landscape Architectural Technician
Landscape Architecture Manager
Landscape Architecture Teacher
Landscape Consultant
Landscape Contractor
Landscape Designer
Landscape Drafter
Landscape Engineer
Landscape Installation Foreman
Landscape Maintenance
Landscape Maintenance Contractor
Landscape Planner
Landscape Service Contractor
Landscape Technician
Landscaping Supervisor
Lane Marker Installer
Language Arts Teacher
Language Instructor
Language Pathologist
Language Professor University
Language Translator
Lapel Padder
Lapping Machine Setup Operator
Lard Tub Washer
Large Animal Veterinarian
Laser Assembler Electronics Worker
Laser Beam Machine Operator
Laser Engraver
Laser Printer Operator
Laser Specialist
Laser Tube Assembler
Last Remodeler Repairer
Laster Footwear Manufacturing Rubber
Laster Rubber Footwear Manufacturing
Latent Fingerprint Examiner
Lathe Engine Setup Operator
Lathe Hand
Lathe Machine Operator
Lathe Operator Numerical Control
Lathe Operator Swing Type
Lathe Operator Woodworking
Lather Metal or Wood
Latherers Supervisor
Lathers Supervisor
Latin Teacher
Launch Commander Harbor Police
Launch Operator
Laundromat Manager
Laundry Attendant Self Service
Laundry Commercial Worker
Laundry Dyer Helper
Laundry Finisher
Laundry Machine Mechanic Commercial
Laundry Machine Tender
Laundry Manager
Laundry Manager Hospital
Laundry Marker
Laundry Operator
Laundry Operator Wash Room
Laundry Production Supervisor
Laundry Service Manager
Laundry Services Sales Representative
Laundry Sorter
Laundry Supervisor
Laundry Washer Machine
Laundry Worker
Laundry Worker Domestic
Laundry/Dry Cleaning Manager
Law Clerk to Judge
Law Clerk Without Professional Degree
Law Enforcement Clerk
Law Enforcement Officer
Law Librarian
Law Reporter
Law Researcher
Law Teacher Postsecondary
Law Writer
Lawn Care Manager
Lawn Care Specialist
Lawn Care Worker
Lawn Maintenance Contractor
Lawn Mower
Lawn Mower Mechanic
Lawn Mower Sharpener
Lawn Mowing Worker
Lawn Specialist
Lawnmower Mechanic Gasoline Powered
Lawyer Company
Lawyer Conveyancing
Lawyer Corporate
Lawyer Criminal
Lawyer Legal Aid
Lawyer Litigation
Lawyer Patent
Lawyer Staff
Lay Out Drafter
Lay Out Worker
Layaway Clerk
Layout Designer
Layout Inspector
Layout Worker
Lead Acid Battery Production Tester Electric
Lead Acid Electrical Battery Production Tester
Lead Agent
Lead Assembler
Lead Bender
Lead Carpenter
Lead Clerk
Lead Clinical Research Associate
Lead Cook
Lead Custodian
Lead Data Entry Operator
Lead Fabricator
Lead Hand Assembler Furniture Worker
Lead Hand Industrial Painters
Lead Hand Mechanical Assemblers
Lead Hand Wood Products Assembly
Lead Handler
Lead Installer
Lead Loader
Lead Operator
Lead Operator Blow Molding Plastic Worker
Lead Operator Injection Molding Plastic Work
Lead Packer
Lead Pony Rider
Lead Receiving
Lead Sales Associate
Lead Section Supervisor
Lead Server
Lead Shipping & Receiving
Lead Stocker
Lead Surveyor
Lead Teacher
Lead Teller
Lead Tinner
Lead Warehouseperson
Leader Assembly Group
Leadite Heater
Leadman Machine Erecting Millwright or Repair
Leaf Fat Scraper
Learning & Study Skills Specialist
Learning Center Coordinator
Learning Disabilities Specialist
Learning Programs Adult Education Director
Learning Specialist
Learning Support Teacher
Lease & Title Clerk
Lease Agent
Lease Attendant
Lease Examiner
Lease Hand Oil & Gas Drilling
Lease Picker
Leasing & Development Manager
Leasing Agent Outdoor Advertising
Leasing Co ordinator Property
Leasing Consultant
Leasing Manager/Property
Leasing Sales Representative Automotive
Leasing Services Sales Representative
Leather Case Finisher
Leather Etcher
Leather Novelty Parts Cutter
Leather Tanner
Lecturer Polytechnic
Lecturer University
Ledger Clerk Financial Sector
Leg Skinner
Legal Administrator
Legal Advisor
Legal Aide
Legal Assistant
Legal Attache
Legal Cashier
Legal Consultant
Legal Counsel
Legal Counsel Chief
Legal Counsel Corporate
Legal Department Manager
Legal Examiner
Legal General Counsel
Legal Investigator
Legal Nurse Consultant
Legal Office Assistant
Legal Officer
Legal Processing Assistant
Legal Recruiter
Legal Research Analyst
Legal Research Analyst (Lawyer)
Legal Researcher
Legal Services Courts Manager
Legal Services Head Hospital
Legal Services Sales Representative
Legal Survey Technician
Legal Surveyor
Legal Technician
Legal Transcriber
Legal Writing Professor
Legger Press Operator
Legislative Assistant
Legislative Services Director
Lei Maker
Lei Seller
Leisure Consultant
Leisure Manager
Lending Activities Supervisor
Lending Services Trainee
Lens Fabricating Machine Tender
Lens Hardener
Lens Maker
Lens Mold Setter
Lens Polisher
Letter Carrier Supervisor
Letter Credit Clerk
Letter of Credit Document Examiner
Letter Press Operator
Lettering Machine Operator
Letterpress Setter Setup Operator
Level Glass Forming Machine Operator
Liability Adjuster Insurance
Liability Claims Manager
Liability Underwriter
Liaison Engineer
Liaison Nurse
Liaison Officer
Liaison Planner
Liberal Arts Teacher
Librarian Acquisitions
Librarian Audiovisual
Librarian Catalog
Librarian Cataloger
Librarian Chief
Librarian Clerk
Librarian Data
Librarian Elementary School
Librarian Film or Tape
Librarian Helper
Librarian Law
Librarian Medical Records
Librarian Newspaper
Librarian Special Collections
Librarian Special Library
Librarian Specialist
Library Assistant & Bookmobile Driver
Library Assistant Director
Library Attendant
Library Chief
Library Circulation Assistant
Library Circulation Clerk
Library Clerk Art Department
Library Clerk Braille
Library Clerk Supervisor
Library Clerk Talking Books
Library Department Head
Library Filer
Library Historian
Library Manager
Library Media Specialist
Library Science Teacher Postsecondary
Library Serials Assistant
Library Services Dean
Library Supervisor
Library Systems Specialist
Library Technical Assistant, Cataloging (LTA, Cataloging)
Library Technician
License Clerk
License Clerks Supervisor
Licensed Appraiser
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Patient
Licensed Cook
Licensed Dental Assistant
Licensed Dispensing Optician
Licensed Electrician
Licensed Funeral Director
Licensed Interior Designer
Licensed Nurse Practitioner
Licensed Nursing Assistant
Licensed Occupational Therapist
Licensed Optical Dispenser
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant
Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (LPTA)
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Licensed Social Worker
Licensing & Registration Director
Licensing Examiner
Licensing Specialist
Lidar Technician
Lidding Machine Operator
Lie Detector Examiner
Lien Searcher
Lieutenant Ballistics
Lieutenant Firefighters
Lieutenant Ocean Lifeguard
Life Actuary
Life Coach
Life Insurance Representative
Life Insurance Sales Representative
Life Line Attendant
Life Sciences Program Manager
Life Skills Instructor
Life Skills Teacher
Life Tester Outboard Motors
Lifeguard Beach
Lift Slab Operator
Lift Truck Driver
Lift Truck Mechanic
Lift Truck Operator Material Handler
Light Cleaner
Light Construction Equipment Assembler
Light Industrial Truck Assembler
Light Rail Car Operator
Light Rail Operator
Light Technician
Lighting Adviser
Lighting Assistant
Lighting Equipment Operator
Lighting Fixtures Sales Representative
Lighting Salesperson Retail
Lighting Technician
Limerock Tower Loader
Limousine Driver
Limousine Driver (Limo Driver)
Line & Frame Poler
Line Attendant
Line Construction Supervisor
Line Crewman
Line Driver
Line Erector
Line Inspector Telecommunications
Line Installer Street Railway
Line Maintainer
Line Maintenance Mechanic
Line Maintenance Supervisor
Line Mechanic
Line Mover
Line Operator
Line Painting Machine Operator Highways
Line Repairer Tower
Line Runner
Line Server
Line Service Person
Line Servicer
Line Umpire
Line Walker
Line Worker
Line Worker Electric Power Systems
Lineman Power Line
Lineman Service or Work Dispatcher
Lineman/Woman Electric Power Systems
Lineman/Woman Telecommunications
Linen Controller
Linen Exchange Attendant
Linen Room Attendant
Linen Room Worker
Linen Sorter Laundry Attendant
Linen Supply Clerk
Linen Supply Load Builder
Linen Supply Room Worker
Lines Tender
Lineworker Helper
Linguistic Anthropologist
Linguistics Professor University
Lining Repairer
Lining Strap Closer
Link Wire Fabric Machine Tender
Linoleum Layer Apprentice
Linotype Operator
Liquid Chlorine Operator
Liquid Compounder
Liquid Fertilizer Servicer
Liquid Fertilizer Truck Driver
Liquid Hydrogen Plant Operator
Liquor Blender Food & Beverage Processing
Liquor Clerk
Liquor Establishment Manager
Liquor Maker
Liquor Sales Representative Wholesale
Liquor Store Operator
Liquor Store Stock Clerk
Liquor Store Supervisor
Literacy Coach
Literacy Consultant
Literary Editor
Literary Writer
Literature Professor University
Literature Teacher
Lithograph Printer
Lithographer Operator
Lithographic Photographer
Lithographic Press Operator Apprentice
Lithographic Press Operator Printing
Lithographic Printer
Lithographic Stripper
Litigation Docket Specialist
Litigation Legal Assistant
Litigation Secretary
Live in Caregiver
Livestock Agent
Livestock Breeder
Livestock Inspector
Load Chain Welding Machine Repairer
Load Dispatcher
Load Dispatcher Chief
Load Dispatcher Electric Power Systems
Load Dispatcher Local
Load Master
Load Out Supervisor
Load Planner
Load Tester
Loader and Unloader
Loader Fats & Oils
Loader Head Operator
Loader Liquids
Loader Magazine Grinder
Loader Operator
Loader Operator Construction
Loader Railway Car
Loader Ship
Loader Trucks
Loader Unloader Screen Printing
Loader Unloader Screen Printing Machine
Loading Dock Hand
Loading Inspector
Loading Machine Operator
Loading Shovel Oiler
Loading Unit Operator
Loading Unit Operator Powder Charging
Loading Unit Operator Seating
Loan Adjuster
Loan Advisor
Loan Analyst
Loan Approver
Loan Assistant
Loan Clerk
Loan Clerk Installment
Loan Closer
Loan Consultant
Loan Counselor
Loan Interviewer
Loan Interviewer & Clerk
Loan Library Supervisor
Loan Manager
Loan Manager Commercial
Loan Manager Consumer
Loan Manager Mortgage
Loan Officer General
Loan Operations Officer
Loan Originator
Loan Processing Supervisor
Loan Processor
Loan Review Officer
Loan Service Officer
Loan Servicing Officer
Loan Supervisor
Loan Teller
Loans Supervisor
Lobby Clerk
Lobby Supervisor
Lobbyist Agricultural Issues
Lobbyist Environmental Issues
Lobster Fisherman
Lobster Fisherman/Woman
Local Area Network (LAN) Specialist
Local Collection Clerk
Location Analyst
Location Analyst Real Estate
Lock Expert
Lock Installer
Locker Room Manager
Locksmith Apprentice
Locksmith Helper
Locksmithing Expert
Lockstitch Sewing Machine Operator Complete Garment
Locomotive Crane Operator
Locomotive Dispatcher Railway Transport
Locomotive Engine Supervisor
Locomotive Engineer Electric
Locomotive Engineer Gasoline
Locomotive Inspector
Locomotive Mechanic
Locomotive Operator
Locomotive Painter
Locomotive Repairer Diesel
Locomotive Servicer
Locomotive Supervisor
Lodging Facilities Manager
Lodging Manager
Loft Worker Concrete Mixing Plant
Log Analyst
Log Chain Feeder
Log Chipper Operator
Log Driver
Log Home Carpenter
Log Loader
Log Loader Operator
Log Operations Coordinator
Log Sorter
Logger All Round
Loggers Supervisor Forestry
Logging Equipment Mechanic
Logging Laborer
Logging Specialist
Logging Supervisor
Logging Tractor Operator Swamp
Logging Truck Driver
Logistical Supervisor Traffic
Logistics Cost Manager
Logistics Director
Logistics Engineering Technician
Logistics Management Specialist
Logistics Manager
Logistics Specialist
Logistics System Engineer
Logistics Technician
Lollypop Maker
Long Distance Bus Driver
Long Distance Truck Driver
Long Line Teamster
Long Term Care Administrator
Long Term Care Aide
Long Wall Mining Machine Tender
Long-Range Planning Manager
Long-Range Planning Supervisor
Longshore Worker
Longshoremen/Women Stevedores & Freight Handlers Foreman/Woman
Long-Term Care Head
Loom Fixer Textile Worker
Loom Technician Textile Worker
Lorry Driver Medium Goods
Loss Claim Clerk
Loss Control Consultant
Loss Control Representative
Loss Prevention Analyst
Loss Prevention Associate
Loss Prevention Director
Loss Prevention Insurance Inspector
Loss Prevention Investigator
Loss Prevention Manager
Loss Prevention Representative
Loss Prevention Research Engineer
Loss Prevention Specialist
Loss Prevention Technologist
Lost Charge Card Clerk
Lost Claims Clerk
Lost Wax Caster Foundry
Lot Caller
Lot Person
Lottery Clerk
Lottery Sales Representative Retail
Lounge Manager
Lounge Supervisor Bartender
Lounge Waiter Waitress
Low Voltage Electrician
Low Voltage Equipment Engineer
Lozenge Maker Helper
Lubrication Engineer
Lubrication Technician
Luggage Repairer
Luggage Sales Representative
Lumber Carrier Driver
Lumber Estimator
Lumber Grader
Lumber Handler
Lumber Handler Stacker
Lumber Handler Wood Processing
Lumber Kiln Operator
Lumber Mill Manager
Lumber Piler
Lumber Puller
Lumber Sales Representative
Lumber Sales Representative Wholesale
Lumber Scaler
Lumber Sorter
Lumber Straightener
Lyric Writer
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