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The cost of living graph below shows the amount needed to buy a basket of goods and services in Cohoes, New York and 4 other locations in the United States. Assuming a $50,000 lifestyle in (Cohoes, New York), the cost of a similar lifestyle in each of the 4 comparison locations is shown in the graph. Cost-of-living data is derived from ERI's cost of living surveys and web digitization of public domain records. To generate detailed cost of living reports suitable for creating cost comparisons for relocating employees customized to spending patterns, please consult ERI's Relocation Assessor. The Relocation Assessor includes cost-of-living data for 10,000 areas worldwide and allows for customization based on salary, housing, family size, consumption, services and travel. The Relocation Assessor can be downloaded using the form to the right.

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Updated: 12/22/2014

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Note: Clicking on Cohoes, New York in the list below will compare cost-of-living for Cohoes, New York to other popular cities. If you would like to choose the city you compare Cohoes, New York to please refer to Cost of Living Calculator.

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