Executive Compensation Training, Reports, and Software

For US Tax-Exempt Organizations Addressing Intermediate Sanctions
or Shifting to Performance and Competency-Based Pay




Brief Description of Use


Training of Board Member serving on Compensation Committee (competency requirement of IRC 4958, for “authorized body”)

Compensation Committee Certification


10 courses designed for Compensation Committee members with an earned CCC (compensation Committee Certificate) to show competence under IRS executive compensation regulations. Good data is not enough if decision makers are not trained.

Free/$49 per course exam for continuing education credit

Preliminary look at Intermediate Sanction Compliance

SalaryExpert's Preliminary Tax-Exempt and For-Profit Reports

Preliminary reports to review whether your tax-exempt organization's executive compensation is reasonable. Twelve closest comparables (computer selected) may satisfy IRC 4958 safe harbor for organizations less than $1 million in revenue.

$39 tax-exempt &
$89 for-profit

One page competitive analysis

Quick-Call Reports


ERI researchers utilize ERI's compensation survey software (in use since 1987) to provide competitive salary reports based on position, location, planning date, industry, and organization size.

from $200

Subscriber's research analysis of comparables and competitive position. For planning purposes

Executive Compensation Assessor & Survey - Professional Edition XA


Select your own for-profit comparable organizations for determining executive compensation reasonableness (using most recent data for for-profits and 2-year lag for tax-exempt data) by size, area location, job function, and industry.

$2,389 for annual subscription

Most likely consulting, academic research, appraiser, expert witness litigation support

Executive Compensation Assessor & Survey - Consultant Edition XA+


Professional Edition plus data from 2 million Form 990s and SEC data: 1994 – 2005 to tap both taxable and tax-exempt comparables for litigation purposes

$2,889 annual subscription

Consultants, nonprofits, government regulators

Nonprofit Compensation Assessor - Professional Edition CA


Reports tax-exempt executive compensation data from all organizations in ERI's census of tax-exempt pay.

$929 annual subscription

Compensation consultants and regulators

Nonprofit Compensation Assessor - Consultant Edition CA+


The Consultant Edition provides all Professional Edition features, plus a graph of all data extracted (including data above, below, and beyond one standard deviation), enabling users to quickly identify outliers. This edition features access to source form 990 data.

$2,389 annual subscription

Note: Preliminary fees/costs outlined above are subject to change. ERI does not provide fee-for-service consulting. Prices quoted are for ERI annual subscription software, one-time reports, SalaryExpert Reports or ERI Distance Learning courses. Products and services provided are those that address current executive compensation reasonableness and enable the organization to move forward appropriately into the future.


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