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    SalaryExpert results are derived 100% from employee provided data. Results may be "smoothed" via PAQ's C3 Job Family Matrix where an area and/or industry's data are described within the 20 job families found universally throughout the world. Data entered by web visitors has been collected, analyzed and stored in this manner since 2000, with input assigned first to broad Management, Professional, Para-Professional, TradeCraft/Labor, or Sales occupational groupings and then into more refined job families based on skills and experience (level and size for management jobs). Specific jobs within each job family sub-grouping are ranked according to the pay relationships provided by ERI Economic Research Institute (whose salary and wage data are derived exclusively from employer provided data). Data reported by national government sources (DOL Occupational Employment Statistics for the US, National Statistics Office for the UK, Statistic Canada, etc.) may be illustrated for comparison purposes (government data is sometimes neither employer provided nor employee provided). ERI comparisons are available via subscription.