ERI Assessor Series® Research vs. Global Salary Calculator® Sources

GSC Methodology

Global Salary Calculator estimates are derived from these generalized job family data collections: 1) input via using ERI's C3 Job Family Matrix, 2) data from countries' national statistics offices, and 3) employee-provided data. GSC salary estimates are derived from a distributed ranking of competencies within these job families (see PAQ's eDOT Competency Project), are unadjusted for size or industry, and are heavily influenced by employee inputs. For the highest quality, U.S. employer-provided data - benchmarked to industry, size, date, and geographic location - 10,000 subscribers utilize ERI's Assessor Series data, where "n's," rates of error, and source documents are made available, for compensation and salary planning, expert witness testimony, relocations, disability determinations, board level presentations, setting branch office salary structures, and determination of defensible "beginning to experienced" salary and bonus levels. Assessor Series values are derived 100% from employer-provided input, including digitization of records, leased datasets, and ERI's proprietary salary surveys, all targeted to specific jobs.

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