Premium Salary Report TM

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SalaryExpert personal salary reports provide average job salaries for your position and location. Reports are personalized based on the input you provided us; we have identified the closest match among the over 15,000 job descriptions available. The following report will provide you earnings data specific to your job title.

SalaryExpert reports are designed for use in salary negotiations and the evaluation of job offers.

Salary Report Features:

Your personal salary report will provide the following data:

  • Salary Ranges: Low, average, and high base salary and total compensation levels for your job. (See pages 6-8 of the report.)

  • Cost of Living Data: What your job's average salary is worth in terms of the local cost of living. (Page 7)

  • Job Description: Describes the duties and demands of your job. (Page 4)
  • Prevailing Wage Data: What the US government thinks your job is worth. (See page 9)

  • Salary Negotiation Advice: Tips on how to negotiate your next pay increase or promotion.
Complimentary Report:

With every SalaryExpert personal salary report you buy, you will receive one complimentary report.

  • Career Development: Find out what other jobs you might be suited for based on your experience.

Alternate Salary Reports:

US Executive Employees: Please see the SalaryExpert® For-Profit Executive and Nonprofit Executive Salary Reports, which include the executive pay histories of comparable organizations.

HR and Compensation Professionals: Do you need to run multiple salary reports for your organization's pay planning? Then see these salary survey databases:

  • Salary Assessor Survey Software: Research competitive salary ranges for more than 5,000 jobs in the US, Canada, and Europe. This reliable salary survey calculator is used by most of the US Fortune 500 to set individual employee pay, establish salary structures, and determine salary increase percentages. Available on an annual subscription basis. More.

  • Global Salary Calculator: Calculate overseas salaries for 100,000 jobs in 200 countries. Includes job descriptions and local cost-of-living information. Available on a calendar-year subscription basis (expires 12/31/2015). More.