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Q.  How Do My Preferences Affect the Career, Premium Salary or Executive Compensation Reports?

A.  Your input determines the answers in all our reports.

All jobs have been classified into potential industry application sectors. When you order a personalized report, you select interest areas from a list of those occupational categories, and your job title inputs are also analyzed for occupational catagorization. This report thus matches and compares your interest and experience choices (including those involved in your current and past jobs) to the potentially appropriate jobs and industries. In the section, "About Your Past", we ask about previous and prior previous job titles and about any other industries in which you had at least one year"s experience; these are also factored into the report output.

When we ask a question, the answer is frequently used to modify the resulting report. For example, the number of years experience you have on a job and your industry of preference will affect the predicted appropriate competitive compensation rate for you. On the other hand, we do ask some questions like current/expected salary and anticipated bonus percentage that do not affect the computerized report model at all. Those questions, as explained in the Methodology covered in the Sources section, are collected for research purposes. The answers are turned over in anonymous form to PhD researchers employed by ERI Economic Research Institute who analyze such information for studies concerning the nature of work in America.