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Q.  Does SalaryExpert meet H-1-B standards?


  • The data must have been collected within 24 months of the publication date of the survey.

  • The survey must be across industries that employ workers in the occupation.

  • The survey must provide an arithmetic mean of the wages for workers in the appropriate occupational classification.

  • The survey must identify a statistically valid methodology that was used to collect the data.
Those specific standards apply to count-approval requirements for immigration (H1-B) visa prevailing wage surveys offered to rebut government presumptions on current minimum rates which must be paid to scarce-skill green-card holders, as I recall, without looking up the citations and subjects. I could easily be wrong on a few of the details.

Nevertheless, SalaryExpert datasets, updated as they are from the original BLS OES data sets, are merely current projections of the original info supposedly used by the government agencies citing mandatory minimum pay rates for these foreign workers. We are not doing a new survey, so our information cannot fit within these criteria for immigration service acceptance. Even the original BLS OES data that we start with is frequently published "out of date" compared to the government"s own standards. One-third of all OES data is updated every year, so during any one year, one-third of the original BLS data is over two years old. Our Methodology section details all the specifics about our data sources and their nature.