Salary Survey Data with Sources

ERI compiles the most robust job competency, cost-of-living, executive compensation and salary surveys (over 565,000 organizations' data) available. Over 10,000 annual subscribers use ERI analytics for compensation and salary planning, expert witness testimony, relocations, disability determinations, board presentations, setting branch office salary structures, and determination of defensible beginning to experienced salaries & bonuses. ERI Assessor Series allow quick analyses with retrieval of source documents (click on a dot for a web download) via online software or purchase traditional surveys via ERI Salary Surveys.

ERI geographic-specific salary survey subscribers include most Fortune 500 companies, major consulting firms, and over 10,000 other organizations that rely on ERI pay data to gauge competitive salaries and executive compensation. Our patented online on-demand interactive salary, cost-of-living comparisons, and demographic surveys reflect inputs for 35,015,376 job incumbents, providing competitive benchmark comparisons for salary increase planning and staffing patterns in 12 million organizations. Click on a dot and retrieve source documents; this one feature of ERI online and PC applications is what separates ERI from other survey providers and why the IRS uses Assessor Series in 17 offices and no other sources. Click here to learn more or call 1-800-627-3697 Digg StumbleUpon Facebook Technorati Fav reddit MSN Live Google Bookmarks


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