November 2009

Salary Survey Data with Sources

ERI compiles the most robust job competency, cost-of-living, executive compensation and salary surveys (over 565,000 organizations' data) available. Over 10,000 annual subscribers use ERI analytics for compensation and salary planning, expert witness testimony, relocations, disability determinations, board presentations, setting branch office salary structures, and determination of defensible beginning to experienced salaries & bonuses. ERI Assessor Series allow quick analyses with retrieval of source documents (click on a dot for a web download) via online software or purchase traditional surveys via ERI Salary Surveys.


The Health Care Cost Issue Isn't Going Away

Health care benefit costs continue to affect salary planning. ERI’s perspective is mathematical, as reflected in the Rule of 72. Divide a percentage (%) into the number 72, and you get the approximate number of years for a sum to double. Much is written about the rise in US health care costs as compared to wages. ERI sees it as simply a mathematical problem.


Analyzing and Using Salary Survey Data Webinar - ERI Distance Learning Center

This introductory webinar will discuss practical guidelines that may be used for identifying, selecting, analyzing, and using market data to complete essential tasks in determining external competitiveness and establishing an effective market-based pay program. The importance of communicating the compensation program effectively will also be discussed, and practical tips will be provided to assist you in "getting the message" to your employees so that they may understand and, ultimately, buy into the program.



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