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What Is an Industry Code and How Should It Be Used for Benchmarking?

Many people today don’t really know what their actual industry is. The answer is important because pay varies by industry, and most pay surveys are industry-specific


New Orleans after the Oil Spill and Katrina: Salary Levels for the Fishing and Construction Industries.

It is timely to look at the April 2011 salary levels of representative jobs in two industries most affected in New Orleans by the Oil Spill and Hurricane Katrina: Commercial Fishing and Building Construction (including residential and commercial construction).



Emerging Jobs and Salary Levels in the Health Care Industry

What salary levels can be expected for key jobs in the health care industry? Since the health care industry is going through transformation due to legislative reform, as well as increased merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, certain jobs will increase in demand and their salary levels will be impacted as a result.



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