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Emerging Jobs and Salary Levels in the Health Care Industry

What salary levels can be expected for key jobs in the health care industry? Since the health care industry is going through transformation due to legislative reform, as well as increased merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, certain jobs will increase in demand and their salary levels will be impacted as a result.


Unions Impact Wages, But How Much?

While unions have a significant impact on wages as well as overall compensation and benefit levels, the size of the impact is influenced by occupation, industry, employer size, and geographic region. The 2010 annual report on Union Members prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows current union membership rate at about 12% (14.7 million members), but there is a huge difference in the degree of organization by type of employer. Public sector workers are over 36% organized, while only about 7% of private sector workers are represented by unions (note that there are five times as many employees in the private sector).


2011 Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey - Participation Deadline Extended!

The participation deadline for the 2011 Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey has been extended. Survey submissions may be submitted through January 31st to receive the benefits of participation. By participating in the survey, you will automatically receive an Executive Summary of the survey report when it is published and become eligible for a 50% discount on your purchase of the full survey report.


The Health Care Cost Issue Isn't Going Away

Health care benefit costs continue to affect salary planning. ERI’s perspective is mathematical, as reflected in the Rule of 72. Divide a percentage (%) into the number 72, and you get the approximate number of years for a sum to double. Much is written about the rise in US health care costs as compared to wages. ERI sees it as simply a mathematical problem.



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