2011 Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey - Participation Deadline Extended!

The participation deadline for the 2011 Health Care Benefits Benchmarking Survey has been extended. Survey submissions may be submitted through January 31st to receive the benefits of participation. By participating in the survey, you will automatically receive an Executive Summary of the survey report when it is published and become eligible for a 50% discount on your purchase of the full survey report.


Cost of Living Increases May Not be in Your Future

Annual compensation increases sometimes have been justified by calling them Cost of Living (COL) adjustments, but this rationale is even less relevant to setting appropriate wage levels than in the past. Employees often expect salary increases at least equal to the “cost of living” increase as measured by the federal government’s Consumer Price Index (CPI).


Compensation in the Public or Private Sector – Which is Highest?

Even though some think public workers are overpaid, a new study says private sector compensation is actually higher, and the more generous benefits in the public sector don’t make up the difference. 


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