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Job Description: Plans and administers studies of chemical and mechanical solid-waste recovery processes and system designs to evaluate efficiency and cost-effectiveness of proposed operations. Organizes and coordinates activities concerned with study and development of solid-waste resource recovery systems and marketability of solid-waste recovery products. Positions covered by this definition are characterized by the inclusion of work that requires an understanding of both theories and principles. Excludes paraprofessional positions.: Collects data on resource recovery systems, and analyzes alternate plans to determine most feasible systems for specific solid-waste recovery purposes. Prepares recommendations for development of resource recovery programs, based on analysis of alternate plans and knowledge of physical properties of various solid-waste materials. Confers with design engineers, management personnel, and others concerned with recovery of solid-waste resources to discuss problems and provide technical advice. Coordinates activities of workers engaged in study of potential markets for reclaimable materials. Lectures civic and professional organizations and provides information about practices to media representatives to promote interest and participation in solid-waste recovery practices. May inspect solid-waste resource recovery facilities to determine compliance with regulations governing construction and use. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 07/06/2015

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