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The summary data provided is a sampling of ERI's Salary Assessor® database. ERI's Salary Assessor® & Survey desktop software and database reports up-to-date competitive base salary, wage, incentive, and total compensation means, medians and ranges for 5,400 non-management job titles, 8,200 US and Canada geographic locations, and 1,350 industry sectors; an added 500 executive jobs' salary, bonuses and total pay remuneration may complement. This is employer provided and verified data. To download the Salary Assessor Demo, click here.

Job Description: Manages and coordinates activities of buyers and support staff engaged in purchasing and distributing raw materials, equipment, machinery, and supplies in industrial plant, public utility, or other organization. Est purchasing policies and procedures and directs purchasing programs accordingly. Establishes procedures to accomplish procurement of a variety of materials in a cost-effective manner. Prepares and assigns purchase orders and change notices to purchasing agents.: Analyzes market and delivery conditions to determine present and future material availability and prepares market analysis reports. Keeps informed of economic, industrial and other trends that affect markets, prices, and delivery conditions. Reviews and monitors requisitions, supply sources, supplies, quotations, terms, etc. Recommends major purchases of materials on the basis of anticipated changes in prices or on unusual availability situations. Reviews purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to company policy. Participates in contract negotiations and vendor selection. Monitors performance and capabilities of vendors to ensure maintenance of delivery, quality, and price commitments. Develops and installs clerical and office procedures and practices, and studies work flow, sequence of operations, and office arrangement to determine expediency of installing new or improved office machines. Arranges for disposal of surplus materials. Hires, trains new staff members, and supervises and evaluates job performance of purchasing department personnel. Acts as a liaison in dealings between vendors and user departments when necessary. May perform duties of Buyer. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 05/31/2015

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