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Job Description: Drives truck or automobile over prescribed route to deliver newspapers to wholesale or retail newspaper dealers, or to bus, airline, or other transportation providers for shipment. Loads newspapers onto vehicle.: Ch list of dealers, customers, or station drops for change in deliveries. Delivers newspapers to dealers or individual subscribers at their homes or place of business, or to bus, airline, or express station for shipment. Keeps records of deliveries made. Collects receipts for deliveries to newsdealers. May pick up unsold newspapers and credit newsdealer's account. May keep records pertaining to driving expenses, such as mileage, oil, and gasoline. May stock newspapers in street sales rack, and collect coins from rack coin boxes. May collect payment for newspaper deliveries from customers. May distribute sales promotion material to customers with newspaper deliveries. May be designated according to publication delivered. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 06/01/2015

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