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The summary data provided is a sampling of ERI's Salary Assessor® database. ERI's Salary Assessor® & Survey desktop software and database reports up-to-date competitive base salary, wage, incentive, and total compensation means, medians and ranges for 5,400 non-management job titles, 8,200 US and Canada geographic locations, and 1,350 industry sectors; an added 500 executive jobs' salary, bonuses and total pay remuneration may complement. This is employer provided and verified data. To download the Salary Assessor Demo, click here.

Job Description: Manages the nation wide promotion and direction of a sales organization. Coordinates development of sales objectives, strategies, and advertising and promotional programs, and assures execution. Develop and evaluates annual sales plan and expense plan for each area in the country. Develops national objectives for field sales activity. Integrates and differentiates in the field sales efforts the roles of marketing staff, marketing management, and general sales managers. Holds meetings to coordinate efforts of sales staff. Develops and implements optimum use of manpower.: Periodically visits key national markets to ensure that national accounts are properly managed. Reviews market analyses to determine customer needs, volume potential, price schedules, and discount rates, and develops sales campaigns. Represents company at industry association meetings and trade shows to promote product. Acts as liaison between sales and other departments. Participates in budget preparation. Assists other departments within establishment to prepare manuals and technical publications. Prepares periodic sales reports showing sales volumes and potential sales. Develops contract strategy. Manages distributor affairs. Approves selection of personnel, organizes, trains and develops staff, evaluates performance, and recommends compensation. full eDOT descriptions

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Updated: 05/22/2015

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