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Global Salary Calculator® (GSC)

Streamline your salary planning process by using an online international salary calaculator!
  • The Global Salary Calculator reports salaries for 100,000 job titles
  • Provides access to salary data directly from an online application
  • Provides compensation data and methodology
  • Includes brief job descriptions

The GSC provides salary estimates based on user inputted job family and government data. Human Resources professionals who need industry-specific salary survey data from multiple sources should see ERI's Salary Assessor software. Although it features far fewer jobs than the GSC, the Salary Assessor is an interactive database that provides competitive salary ranges based on employee experience, industry, geographic location, and organization pay strategy.

SA Salary Assessor® Survey Software

For HR professionals, ERI's salary survey software is an unparalleled aid. Providing up-to-date salary data for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe, this compensation software is a reliable salary data source. (Note: European and United Kingdom data is included in the Consultant Edition.)  Utilized by 85% of US Fortune 500 companies, this salary survey software provides base salary, incentive, and total compensation data for over 5,000 positions. (The Consultant Edition provides executive salary data for an additional 400 executive job titles.) A Geographic List screen compares the salary of a single job in up to 99 locations at once. In addition, a Benchmark List screen helps organizations update their salary structures by showing their competitive position for benchmark jobs. The Salary Assessor reports consensus survey data gathered from thousands of public and private salary survey sources. Let ERI do the research for you! Learn more.

SA Price: $969 (Professional Edition)
$2,489 (Consultant Edition)
Annual subscription.

GA Geographic Assessor® Pay Survey Software

ERI's geographic salary survey software reports cost-of-labor and cost-of-living differentials for more 7,000 locations in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe. (See the Consultant Edition for geographic pay data in European cities.) Design branch-office salary structures that are fair and competitive using this labor cost database. The Consultant Edition also reports prevailing wages for H-1B immigration visa applications. Learn more

GA Price: $969 (Professional Edition)
$2,489 (Consultant Edition)
Annual subscription.

RA Relocation Assessor® Cost-of-Living Calculator

ERI’s relocation calculator compares cost-of-living levels in over 10,000 locations worldwide (Consultant Edition). This software enables users to set employee relocation allowances using the most up-to-date cost-of-living information available. Relocation allowances are calculated based on user input for employee earnings level, family size, home ownership, and spending patterns. Additional screens provide per diem rates and compare the cost of living in up to 99 locations at once. Learn more

RA Price: $969 (Professional Edition)
$2,489(Consultant Edition)
Annual subscription.

XA Executive Compensation Assessor® Survey Software

ERI's executive compensation software provides competitive base salary, incentive, and total compensation data for more than 400 top management positions in the US and Canada. (The Consultant Edition also provides executive salary data for Europe.) Executive compensation levels are calculated based on user input for position, industry, location, pay strategy, executive performance, organization size (in revenue), and salary planning date. This software provides users access to competitor organizations' executive pay histories, including stock options and benefits. Learn more

XA Price: $2,489 (Professional Edition)
$2,889 (Consultant Edition)
Annual subscription.

CA Nonprofit Salary Survey Assessor™ Software

Tax-exempt organizations use this software to set competitive executive salaries, assess reasonableness of pay, and review comparable organizations’ executive pay packages and financial statements. Utilized by the IRS and NY State Attorney General, ERI is a trusted source of executive compensation data. Learn more

CA Price: $969 (Professional Edition)
$2,489(Consultant Edition)
Annual subscription.

eDOT® enhanced Dictionary of Occupational Titles

This job analysis software provides job descriptions for more than 20,000 position titles. The enhanced Dictionary of Occupational Titles enables users to create custom job analysis reports for compensation and career planning. Alternative work opportunities are calculated based on user input for an individual’s education, work history, interests, physical capabilities, and cognitive/emotional limitations. This software also provides an FLSA estimator to determine a position’s eligibility for overtime pay. Learn more.

eDOT Price: $969 (Professional Edition)
$2,489 (Consultant Edition)
Annual subscription